Special Edition


White Powder Coat with Custom Paint

The Artist

The Artist Liner our top selling tattoo machine

Lucifer's Quill

Introducing Lucifer's Quill Liner by Anchor Irons

The Apocalypse

Introducing The Apocalypse Shader by Anchor Irons

The Banshee

Introducing The Banshee Liner by Anchor Irons

The Kraken

Introducing The Kraken Shader by Anchor Irons

The Phibes & Artist

Introducing The Signature Edition Shader & Liner by Anchor Irons

The Rebel

Introducing The Rebel Liner by Anchor Irons

The Loyalist

Introducing The Loyalist Shader by Anchor Irons

Rebel & Loyalist Combo Special Offer

Save $50 when you purchase The Rebel Liner and The Loyalist Shader combo! Two great machines at a special price!

Featured Review

See what Adam Hillyer of Dead City Ink has to say about the Anchor Irons tattoo machines



Anchor Irons Tattoo Machines are hand built and professionally tuned in-house, here in the U.S.A. Located in Connecticut, Anchor Irons makes tattoo machines with the professional artist in mind. If you are in the market for an extraordinary coil tattoo machine, then look no further. Anchor Irons machines are made focusing on the quality of materials, strength of the build, designed for utility, looks and will last a lifetime. Check out our tattoo machines below or hit the shop and order your Anchor Irons tattoo machine today.

Comfort Crown™ featured Tattoo Machines

Exclusive to Anchor Irons is our proprietary Comfort Crown design. Instead of the classic flat-bottom design the Comfort Crown has an arched bottom which not only looks cool but seats perfectly on your hand, improving the feel and reducing vibrations. All of our frames were designed in house and are unique as they are great.

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ILLUSION MALBEC - Our newest color, available on select tattoo machines

Classic Style Tattoo Machines

Flat bottom frames are synonymous with that classic coil tattoo machine look. All of our frames are custom designed in house and these classic bottom machines will last a lifetime.

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Trusted by Professionals 

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Our Proprietary Comfort Crown™ Design

It's not just about the looks, it is about function. Available only at Anchor Irons.

5 Year Guarantee

All Anchor Iron Tattoo Machines come standard with a five-year guarantee.

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