About Us

Our Mission

Anchor Irons mission is to provide professional tattoo artists with high-quality tattoo machines and supplies, using parts that are made and sourced exclusively in the USA.

This is why we make all of our components in-house and/or source them from local craftsmen, tradesmen or manufactures here in the USA.

The best Tattoo Artists set high standards for themselves, they take pride in their work, have a keen eye,  steady hands and excellent attention to detail. Anchor Irons takes this same approach when making our products.

Unlike some brands who put their label on a mass produced item and call it their own, Anchor Irons hand builds, tests, and backs every tattoo machine we sell with a 5 Year Guarantee.

Our Story

Anchor Irons was conceived over a simple cup of coffee. Two guys, one with years of business experience and the other with years of tattoo industry experience got together one Saturday morning for a cup of joe. What neither one of them expected is they would walk away from that coffee shop with the earliest conception of what is now Anchor Irons.

From that day, they would meet on Saturday morning for a cup of coffee to further discuss, brainstorm and create the Anchor Irons brand. The co-founders Jason and Andy still enjoy a cup of joe but now they spend much of their time making the products, meeting with local professionals and  exploring ways to improve Anchor Irons, all while keeping to their core mission; To provide professionals with high-quality tattoo machines and supplies using parts that are made and sourced exclusively in the USA.