Our Affiliate Program

We are launching our new affiliate program for those that want to support our business while receiving a commission on sales in return. Our base program starts at 10% commission with eligible performance bonuses of 50% – 100% of the total commission. 

Here is how it works; 
Contact us using the form below and if approved you will be given a special coupon code that you give to customers you refer. When they make a purchase on our site using your code you get the commission. It is that simple. 

When do we pay?
We have monthly payouts which occur 30 days post-sale completion. For example, if you refer someone who uses your code on January 1st your commission will be locked in 30 days later and payout on the next monthly cycle, in this case, the commission would lock in Jan 31 and payout Feb 1st. 

What products are commission eligible?
Currently, we are testing the program with Tattoo Machines exclusively, all other products, including swag, is not commission eligible at this time. Do you have more questions? Contact us below to get the conversation started.


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