"The Anchor Irons shader and liner are sick! They look great, sound great and have a great weight to them. You can tell they are quality machines."

"Super clean and run smooth!"

"They feel great in my hand and well worth every penny"

"Brother, Absolutely love these machines" 

"Awesome product, I have ordered machines from companies that have been around for a long time and they don't even compare to these machines. Right out of the box they run like butter,  definitely the best machines I've used, ever!!!!!! These guys definitely know what they're doing!!!!"

"Awesome machines without a doubt"

"I picked up an Artist Liner from Anchor Irons and I am very happy with it. It put in nice solid lines fresh out of the box. Support your local craftsmen and grab one for your line up."

Featured Review

Adam Hillyer at Dead City Ink

Adam has been a professional tattoo artist for over 16 years, he specializes in custom and free-hand tattoos as well as portraits and cover-ups.  Needless to say when he tried out the Anchor Irons Rebel Liner and Loyalist Shader and gave them raving reviews we had share it with you.

"Right out of the box I was running The Rebel at 5.1 volts and it was putting the lines on as smooth as butter. It has a very nice sound and weight and it definitely puts the ink in with authority. It's a nice strong machine and runs at a nice low voltage which makes quick work for me.  Really built well and runs great!"

You can check out Adam on Facebook or Instagram and if you are ever in the area stop by to get a killer tattoo, tell him Anchor Irons sent ya and check out our machines first hand.


Johnny Rivero at Dead City Ink

"The Rebel liner hits consistent and solid, the weight of the machine is perfect. These machines run amazingly well on such low voltage. Fine lines or bold lines are no problem. The Loyalist shader is amazing; I find I can work for hours and have minimal skin irritation because of how soft and smooth my machine hits."

Stop through and get a kick-ass tattoo from Johnny at Dead City Ink and tell him you saw his review on Anchor Irons.

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